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April Wilson 2020 - Half My SizeSkinny is a new ‘word’ & a new ‘world’ for me! But, after losing more than half my size in weight and going from a XXXL in men’s to a lady’s XS, it’s one I’m embracing & ready to share! You see, I’ve always been told I’m fat. I remember being pushed on a playset by my kindergarten teacher and being told, “boy you sure are ‘healthy’.” Even my young mind understood what she meant. My grandmother would try to bribe me to lose weight. I always wanted to, but genetics, thyroid disease, and a true understanding of what my body needed were in the way.

I pushed my way through triathlons at 344 pounds. I’ve encouraged countless women to complete their first race – and inspired so many friends and family on their fitness journeys. Now, it’s time to share it with you!

I believe in easy to assemble recipes, with food that is readily available. Since I strive for a low calorie, high protein diet, that’s what you’ll find here at Losing It Daily. Most things I eat are lower carb, and low sugar or sugar free.  If I don’t like it, and if it doesn’t taste amazing, you won’t find it here. So, if shirataki noodles and spaghetti squash are your jam, sorry…