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Accessibility Statement for Losing It Daily LLC

Ensuring equal access for persons with disabilities is a core value at Losing It Daily LLC. Given the central role the internet plays in everyday life, Losing It Daily LLC understands the importance of making online content and services accessible to persons with disabilities. Losing It Daily LLC is therefore committed to designing its products to maximize the extent to which consumers of all abilities can access and enjoy them.

To achieve this objective, Losing It Daily LLC strives to build accessible solutions based on industry standards and best practices. Losing It Daily LLC also endeavors to help individual consumers understand the accessibility solutions available and to provide content or information in alternative formats where available.

Alpha Media websites contain a third party plugin, also known as a widget, called EqualWeb, which is powered by this third party’s dedicated accessibility server. Use of this widget can improve website access for some users, particularly related to certain types of disabilities. EqualWeb has stated that its application makes efforts to follow to some degree the Web Content Accessibility Guidelines (WCAG 2.1). On our website, the EqualWeb widget is located on the left side of most pages.

For questions about the accessibility of Losing It Daily LLC’s products, please contact 704-762-1360 or [email protected].