5 Healthy Foodie Snack Picks

I don’t know about you, but, if a bag of chips is around – it’s a single serving. It doesn’t matter if it’s Costco size…or a bag from the convenience store. That’s why I love having healthy snacks around that actually are a single serving size! Here are a few delicious picks I’ve been noshing on lately. These are straight from my Amazon list…and it’s no exaggeration when I say they help me maintain the loss of half my size. These healthy snacks are always on-hand!

PeaTos Crunchy Rings

In Classic Onion flavor, these tasty little rings taste just like childhood favorite Funyuns – but pack only 70 calories and 2 grams of protein. They’re so yummy that you’ll forget they’re made from peas. They’re individually packaged and also come in a “stick” form with fun flavors like classic cheese, ranch, and fiery hot.

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Bada Bean Bada Boom Crunchy Broad Beans

Made by the makers of Enlightened Ice Cream, these fava bean/broad bean snacks are one of my favorite daily snacks. Available in a wide variety of flavors – from sweet to savory – these crunchy snacks hit the spot. Eat them straight from the single-serve bag (they do come in larger packs), or as a topping for your soup or salad. My favorites? The buffalo wing, jalapeño popper, and nacho cheeze in the “Game Day” box are my must-haves. At only 110 calories, feel free to try one of each.

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One Protein Bars

I’m not sure what black magic the makers of One Protein Bars use to keep their sugar counts so low (only 1g sugar!!), protein so high, and taste so amazing…but keep it up! These bars come in a wide range of flavors & they are all delicious! The Butter Pecan flavor is on our subscribe and save list. Also, the birthday cake and glazed donut flavors are available in a mini bar – to help meet your macros.

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Devotion Nutrition Protein Powder

Ever heard of protein fluff? It’s a thing. It’s a thing you NEED to know about. Devotion Nutrition’s protein powders are designed to create the fluffiest protein fluff of all.   Making protein fluff is perfect for volume eaters – and if you use their Angel Food Cake flavor it has 20g protein and only 100 calories in a scoop.  Their protein works beautifully in baked goods, or in smoothies like my Banana Pudding Protein Smoothie.  They even have a new buttery blend flavor specifically designed for baked goods – think anything from pancakes to corn bread.

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Drizzilicious Birthday Cake Bites

I’ll be honest, these are almost too good. The crunch, the sweet…it’s a winning combination. It’s almost hard to believe they’re a healthy snack – coming in at only 90 calories for a very generous portion. I’ve heard you can find these in some stores in a large bag, but Amazon has single serve bags to help keep you honest.

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