Hello Fresh Review and Coupon

Hello Fresh Review and Coupon

Update November 2020: This review is a bit dated, but the coupon to save $40 off your first order with Hello Fresh is still valid – click here to access.  If you use the coupon, I may receive an affiliate credit. They did not pay me for this review or offer a free shipment.

Meal planning is the single most important thing in my personal weight loss journey. If I don’t plan, I end up grabbing anything. So, I thought it would be fun to try one of the services that delivers pre-measured ingredients along with the recipes. My first pick – Hello Fresh.

When I chose my 3 meal/2 serving plan, I picked from the recipes of the week. Two safe recipes, and one personal challenge.

My box arrived on time with insulating wrap and ice packs. Everything was nice and chilly. None of the ingredients was missing, crushed, or spoiled. I unpacked the box to find three bags – 1 for each recipe, my proteins, 2 cans, and beautifully illustrated recipes cards on nice firm card stock. The only thing I had to add was salt, pepper, water, olive oil, and butter.

Hello Fresh Ingredients

The instructions for each recipe were amazing. They take you step-by-step, and make sure that you prep the ingredients as needed, and everything comes out ready/warm at the same time. I was amazed, each recipe took right at 35 minutes – just like the instructions said! There wasn’t a whole lot of clean up involved with any of the recipes either.

Best of all – everything tasted fantastic. The recipes were easy to prepare, quick to make, and I had no food waste. The portions were humongous! Even though I purchased the two-person serving package, we could have easily eaten from each meal twice.

I will definitely be ordering from Hello Fresh again. I feel the price is worth it. I purchased ingredients for 2 meals from Wal-Mart a few days before receiving my package and it cost me $59, and neither meal included meat. The convenience factor is huge for me. It was so nice to just open up the crisper and pull out everything I needed in one shot…with no trips to the grocery store, no waiting in line. Also, I loved trying new recipes. It’s too easy to get in a rut and eat the same things…or go off on the deep end if I haven’t planned and eat fast food junk.

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Wednesday – Parmesan Crusted Chicken with Tangy Balsamic Potato Salad (15 Points Plus)

Parmesan Crusted Chicken

This was a nice twist on a staple in our house – chicken. I enjoyed the flavor of the Parmesan/panko topping. We had an unbelievably large portion of the balsamic potato salad. My husband raved on it. The only thing I would’ve changed was I would have seasoned the chicken a bit more – probably with some garlic powder.

Wednesday we were really busy, and rushed to get dinner started. We’d had such a hectic day that my husband had thought about offering to run out and get something, instead of trying the meal. He ended up glad he didn’t, saying “I couldn’t have gone out and back in the time you had that ready.”

On a scale of 1 – 10 (with 10 being the highest) how would you rate it?

Portion size: Husband 9, Me 10

Flavor: Husband 7, Me 7

Was it worth the Points Plus? We both rated it as an 8. I think it would have really been worth it if I had split my portion. I would’ve still been satisfied, and would’ve used ½ the points.

Would you want it again? Both said yes

What would you change next time? We both agreed adding more flavor to the chicken with garlic powder.

Thursday – Spicy Poblano Bolognese (22 Points Plus)

Spicy Poblano Bolognese

This was my favorite meal! It was really tasty. We will definitely make this recipe again. The sauce was nice, it was full of vegetables, and it was hands-down as good (if not better) than you’d get at a restaurant. The title says “spicy” but I didn’t feel any heat. I should’ve made at least 2 meals from this portion…but I stuffed every morsel down until I couldn’t hold anything else. I was stuffed, but oh so happy! The recipe was very wholesome, with minimal processed ingredients. As with all of the meals, I really loved that the fresh garlic came already peeled! It made mincing so much easier.
On a scale of 1 – 10 (with 10 being the highest) how would you rate it?

Portion size: Husband 10, Me 10

Flavor: Husband 9, Me 10

Was it worth the Points Plus? Husband 9, I said 10. I don’t know of a restaurant, or a frozen meal, where you could have a pasta dish as good as this for 22 points. Now, I don’t regularly eat a 22 point meal. However, you could split this portion, or even quarter it and still have plenty to eat. That is worth it in my book.

Would you want it again? Both said yes

What would you change next time? My husband said he’d add more Parmesan. But, to be fair, he’d like a pound of Parmesan on most everything. The only thing I’d change would be the portion size.

Friday – Pan-Roasted Salmon with Mustard-Butter Bean Salad (15 Points Plus)

Pan-Roasted Salmon

This was my challenge recipe. I did not go into this with very high hopes. I’ve never prepared salmon before. I’ve never even eaten salmon that I liked before. Salmon from a buffet probably shouldn’t count, so I tried to go into this with an open mind. My husband refused to try it, but, to be fair, he wouldn’t even eat Mexican food before me. Baby steps. My father-in-law stepped up to the plate and loved it! He enjoys salmon and has prepared it many times. He’d never had anything like the mustard-butter bean salad, but he really liked it. Both of us agreed, we could’ve made another meal off of this. Neither of us finished our bean salad…not because we didn’t like it…but because we were stuffed. I was pleasantly surprised with how easy it was to cook the salmon, and I really did enjoy the flavor as well. Score!

On a scale of 1 – 10 (with 10 being the highest) how would you rate it?

Portion size: Father-in-law 10, Me 10

Flavor: Father-in-law 10, Me 9

Was it worth the Points Plus? Yes, but split the serving between 2 people.

Would you want it again? Both said yes

What would you change next time? Smaller portion of the mustard-butter bean salad

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